Friday, September 30, 2011

Lexmark INk recycling rewards, return 5 Cartridges get 1 NEW

Lexmark has a great offer now, you can send in 5 of their cartridges (free postage paid envelopes) and you will get one NEW one free
I already did this twice and got my ink (37xl $35.xx)
go to Lexmark sign up and request postage paid envelopes
.. I got a big box of old cartridges an ebay, since i do ink recycling at staples and office max too.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Today I got this amazing deal on used baby clothing at, for $1 I will get a box of clothes (gently used). Through the Website called THREDUP which offers boxes of used kids clothing. I think this is just a wonderful idea, seeing as one piece of new clothing is as much as one pays for a box full of clothes. Unfortunately, my kids are so rough on clothes, that none of it would make it into the  'gently used' category!

So in the spirit of recycling, reducing, reusing I am hosting my first Giveaway (I am so excited)

The winner will receive
1 Capri Sun Pencil case from Terracycle
1 pack of 4 Recycled PENTEL Highlighters
1 Burts bee's Lip balm
and 2 Whole foods Recycled Tote bags

ENTRY is simple, just leave me a comment on how you like to save money, and at the same time reduce, recycle or reuse. Any comment is welcome. I, for one use plastic shopping bags for garbage, reuse almost every container i get my hands on and try to share things I cannot use.
On Feb. 6  my kids will pick a winner at random (they will draw a name from a hat). Don't forget to leave me a valid email address!!

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This Giveaway is not sponsored, the opinions are my own